A Look at Our Picture Booths

3rd February 2012

ultimate photo booth

Photo booths are great fun for all kinds of occasions of varying sizes. If could be a small wedding for just family and close friends or a large corporate event hosted by a large organisation.

Since our photo booths can be set up in any venue they are all suitable for absolutely anywhere with the Party, Classic and Ultimate booths each having different features. Here’s a look at what’s included in each picture booth so you can choose the right one for you.

Party Booth

A great all-rounder, the Party Booth is the most commonly used for any kind of party. Supplied with either a black or pink finish in a stable frame, the booth can hold up to 12 people at one time so you are sure to get some great photos of crowds at your party. If you want to add some extra fun to a Party Booth you can even add a wind machine which is now available for the Party Booth.

Classic Booth

Based on the classic photo booth machines that you would use in Boots to get your passport photo done, this authentic classic picture booth is a solid structure that has a black high gloss finish, which can have pictures attached around the side. The Classic Booth can hold up to 6 people.

Ultimate Booth

This is it, the big one! This bespoke booth comes with a wind machine and touch screen as standard and as the name suggests is the Ultimate in picture booths. This photo booth is again suitable for up to 6 people at one time and is also capable of recording video messages. You can even add customised coverings to the side of the booth for the ultimate in personalisation.

No matter what the occasion we are confident we have the right picture booth for you and with a whole load of additional photo booth extras to choose from, you can have your picture booth exactly how you want it.

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