Famous Faces Enjoying the Let’s Dance Photo Booth

13th April 2012

rowland enjoys the photo booth hire

Last month we blogged about Let’s Dance for Sport Relief and how Picture Booth had a photo booth set up at the after party for the celebrities and their families to enjoy.

If you did read our blog last month you would have read that we predicted Eastenders stars Laurie Brett and Tameka Empson and their performance of Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s hit ‘Telephone’ to take home the trophy.

They weren’t the winners though and it was Rowland Rivron who won with his re-enactment of Fatboy Slims’s “Weapon of Choice”, the video to which features Christopher Walken performing a very out of character dance routine. Well as you can see on the right, there is an image of the winner himself enjoying our photo booth hire.

The photo booth went down well with a number of famous faces included Outnumbered star and fellow Let’s Dance performer Tyger Drew-Honey and a number of the Eastenders cast including Kat Slater, Janine Butcher and Fat Boy.

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