Picture Booth on Britain’s Secret Shopper, Channel 4

1st March 2013

Britain's secret shopper - Channel 4

If you happen to be looking for something to watch on the box on the 7th March why not check us out as we appear in Britain’s Secret Shoppers on Channel 4, 8pm. We do seem to get around quite a bit these days, and we are thankful for the opportunity to do so!

The people from the show, and its accomplished presenter Justin Preston, were kind enough to invite us to set up a photo booth in The Lili Bizarre Quality Costume Hire store, located on Hardman St in vibrant Merseyside, Liverpool.

Justin Preston with a Photo Booth in the Lili Bizarre store

What were we doing there exactly you ask? Well, in the final episode of the series, Justin Preston helps the well established Lili Bizarre fancy dress store improve on its costume hire service, as they noticed a slight drop in this area of business in the last couple of years. Justin helped them set up deals for shoppers with the goal of rejuvenating sales, and as a reward for all of their hard work we were brought in to set up a photo booth and offer free pictures for all customers. So you can imagine the fun we all had with customers dressing up and taking snaps of the many different, eclectic looks they came up with.

The Lili Bizarre Quality Costume Hire store

We were very happy to be a part of the show and work with Justin and the accommodating and warm Lili Bizarre folk.

Here’s a little info on Lili Bizzarre – Merseyside’s biggest Fancy and balloon shop. They have been going for over 20 years and have proven a popular choice amongst people, offering a range of 2500 costumes, along with costumes to buy, party accessories, a specialist balloon service and with that a full venue decorating service. You can click take a look at their site if you like –

And just a little info on Justin Preston too. As well as helping the public with business and consumer advice as being a television presenter, Justin is known for being part owner of Rare Butchers of Distinction with David House. Rare are a supplier of the finest meat and poultry available, which is sourced from high-end suppliers around Europe. Check out and Justin twitter @justinmeatmogul.

So we were in all-round good company then, and we got to be on the telly! That time and place again: Channel 4 on the 7th March at 8pm, enjoy.

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