Wedding Fun with a Photo Booth

27th January 2012

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and the bride and groom will want everything to go well and run smoothly on their big day.

The planning stage can be very stressful with everything to think about from venues, catering, travel and photography. Most of these things relate to the wedding during the day but there is also the evening party to think about. How many more guests will be attending? Are you going to have a DJ? How do you find a decent band within your budget? You don’t want your guests to be bored after all, so entertainment is a very important aspect to think about.

The most common way to keep your guests entertained and enjoying themselves into the late hours of the night/early hours of the morning is with a disco. There are many ways to create a disco, from hiring a professional DJ to simply plugging your iPod into some large speakers but as long as there’s music and a dance floor your guests will be dancing. If hiring a DJ then it’s important to do some research to make sure you are getting one that will be able to create the right atmosphere for your wedding. There’s nothing worse than everyone sat down and an empty disco floor so make sure your DJ knows how to get the party going. If using your own iPod you have complete choice over the musical selection but remember you need to cater to everyone and not just play your own ideal playlist.

wedding photo booth and disco

Why not have both a disco and photo booth for lots of fun at your wedding?

A photo booth is a very popular option to enhance your wedding entertainment. You can hire picture booths for your wedding which allows your guests to have fun taking pictures of themselves. A picture booth is a unique option to go for as people who have been to many weddings may not have seen one before. They also come with props, fans and green screens so people can really have fun dressing up and taking funny photos. This is a great way for guests to have a memento of the day and the bride and groom will also have some very funny pictures to go with their official wedding photography.

A magician is a great form of entertainment to amaze your guests as they are sat enjoying their food or to perform to the whole crowd. Everyone enjoys a bit of magic and as long as it isn’t cheesy tricks that your little brother is able to do you should be alright. A caricaturist is another option for your wedding entertainment and will walk around drawing funny pictures of your guests. As long as they are good your guests will love having themselves drawn in caricature form and will have a memento from your wedding.

So whether it’s a DJ, magician, disco or picture booth, it’s important to keep your guests having fun and entertained all day at your wedding. If you have small children at your wedding a photo booth will keep them enjoying themselves throughout the day and will mean you have some great memories from your big day.

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