Wedding Photographer vs Photo Booth

17th July 2012

We’ve spoken in past blog posts about some of the great uses for a photo booth, especially at weddings, but we haven’t really spoken much about their use as an alternative to a photographer.

You will more than likely still want a photographer at the wedding ceremony itself to capture the main event but if you hire a photo booth there really is no need for them to stick around for the reception.

Your wedding reception is the part of the day for your guests to relax and let loose a little bit to celebrate the occasion. Having a professional photographer walking around taking pictures will put a lot of the guest on edge and the pictures and fun levels will suffer as a result.

If you choose to have a photo booth at your reception instead it will allow the guests to be themselves and have their picture taken at a time when they are comfortable and happy to do so. As you would expect, you will get all sorts of funny pictures after your friends and family have had a few drinks!

Another big bonus is that your guests will have their own copies of the photos to take away with them after the party is over. This will give them a memento of your big day and something to look back on fondly. Some of our photo booths will even allow guests to record a video message of congratulations for you on your big day.




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