Planning a Wedding: Creating a Gift Registry

19th August 2013

Gift registries no longer have to be time consuming and tedious to create and send out to friends and family. Registries can be created solely online, allowing them to be updated when necessary. Many online registry companies also allow you to create a full websites built around your registry, giving you the opportunity to fully personalise your registry and offer information and pictures to visitors.

Registry Etiquette

  • It is acceptable to create a gift registry straight after the engagement. Although some people may want to wait until closer to the wedding, if gives people the chance to purchase items that may help with the engagement – especially if there’s some other big occasion coming up, e.g. you’re moving house. People can also send gifts as a congratulations present.
  • Nowadays gift options can even be vouchers or, under certain circumstances, cash gifts, for example to contribute to the honeymoon or moving costs. However, although this is no longer an uncommon option for couples, some people may frown upon it so be careful how you ask. Offering it as an option alongside tangible gifts, and fully explaining what the money would be used for, will help.
  • When putting together your registry ensure gifts are available at different price points. This ensures that all guests can afford to buy something and can choose a gift based on their available budget. In this case vouchers can be useful as guests can then specify the amount they want to give.
  • As well as considering the price of the gifts, consider the selection available. Although you are automatically narrowing the choice of gifts, which people will consider helpful and considerate, you do not want to narrow it down too far. People still want to feel as if they’ve selecting the gift for you but if people go to buy gifts later than other people they may have a limited choice.
  • Also consider the type of gifts you choose. Although that toolkit or pack of sponges may come in handy, guests will want to buy you something that you’ll treasure and will look back on fondly in years to come!

Benefits of Online Registries

Online registries also allow you to keep track of what has been purchased, making sure you know when to expect a delivery and when to thank people. It also allows you to update the registry when necessary, e.g. if you need to add something new or remove something you don’t need any more. However it would be helpful to also offer an offline version for those who either don’t want to use the internet or would rather give you the gift in person.

Online registries also help to avoid the issue of duplicate purchases as once the gift has been purchased it will be removed from the list, preventing others from purchasing it. It also used to be necessary to make several gift registries to offer choice to guests and to provide the couple with a variety of items, however now many online registries allow you to add items from a range of stores.

In Conclusion

Providing a wide selection of gifts ensures that you receive gifts that you genuinely want and need. Doing so online provides you with increased convenience as you can manage and track the list in your own time. However it is always helpful to give guests the option of purchasing gifts in person, for those who can’t or don’t want to buy over the internet.

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