Planning a Wedding: Selecting the Entertainment

12th August 2013

In the previous post we talked about the different suppliers that provide the necessities for your wedding, such as the transport and the dress. Although not a necessity, offering entertainment to your guests is a great icebreaker and source of conversation for guests. The type of entertainment you choose depends on the type of wedding reception you choose to have. If you opt for a shorter reception, such as an evening champagne reception, entertainment may not be necessary.

If your reception is straight after the wedding, and will run late into the night, hiring external entertainment will give guests something else to concentrate on once they’ve arrived at the venue, allowing the bride and groom to relax and concentrate on ensuring everything else is running smoothly.

Types of Entertainment


Music: live band, DJ or… karaoke?

Music is probably the most common type of entertainment at a wedding. It provides a fun atmosphere and encourages guests to relax and dance. It is important for the bride and groom to discuss the type of music they want at the wedding – and whether a compromise is possible if you both want different things. And, although the wedding is for the happy couple, it’s probably a good idea to consider the guests too. Is it possible to offer a variety of different types of music to please everyone?

You may even opt for a slightly different take on music entertainment – karaoke can offer a fun way to create a relaxed atmosphere as well as encouraging guests to get involved. It might be a good idea to offer an alternative source of entertainment too – the novelty may wear off fast for some guests!

Dancing: to watch or to join in?

Although this goes hand-in-hand with music, you may decide to offer guests a dancing performance or even the opportunity to take part themselves. This doesn’t have to be a large expense – you can choose to hire dancers to perform for guests – depending on the theme and feel of the wedding this could involve anything from ballet to Bollywood to burlesque-style dancers.

For those on a tighter budget, certain dances are perfect for encouraging guests to try it out on the dance floor. For example, traditional dance music may be played that is meaningful to the wedding party, with people on hand to teach people the moves, such as Gaelic folk music at traditional Irish and Scottish weddings. This is a great way of adding personality to your wedding reception.

Why not go for something different?

There are countless entertainment suppliers out there that can offer something different for you and your guests at your wedding. This can be anything from performers that walk around the venue providing entertainment through magic tricks, card games or fortune telling. You could hire casino tables or other games to add a touch of excitement and competition, or a photo booth to catch those special moments in a more interactive way than a standard photographer.

This type of entertainment not only offers guests something different but encourages interaction with and between guests. It will certainly make the wedding memorable, not only for you, but for your guests too.

Other quirky entertainment examples include:

  • Singing waiters – professional singers giving out food and drinks before bursting into song.
  • Take it to the next level with fire or circus performers.
  • Giant colouring in pictures for guests to decorate – and you end up with a unique work of art to remember your day by!
  • Strolling tables – human tables walk around the reception, offering drinks, canapés and cake!

In Conclusion

Wedding entertainment is not a necessity but it can improve guests’ experiences of the reception, as well as giving the bride and groom time to relax while guests are distracted. The range of entertainment options available means there is something to suit every style of wedding; however it is important to consider what type of entertainment would be appropriate, and even whether entertainment is necessary at all.

Generally the wedding entertainment is a secondary priority compared to other elements of the wedding, however if you have your heart set on a particular entertainer, such as a band, then it is important to ensure the venue can accommodate them before booking and that they are available on the chosen date.

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