Wedding Planning: Last Minute Preparation

16th September 2013

So you’ve booked the location and suppliers, bought your dress, organised your menu and seating plan… but, now what? Despite having everything planned, the week before your wedding can be very stressful – worries that something’s been overlooked or that there’ll be last minute changes.

The week before

  • Plan your thank you notes for guests. On the big day you can give these out to those who have helped with the planning of the wedding. Thank you notes for other guests can be sent out after the wedding.
  • Have a wedding rehearsal to help you figure out if anything aspect has been overlooked. Try to picture the wedding from the guests’ point of view to work out whether anything has been missed.
  • Confirm with all suppliers to ensure there are no issues or misunderstandings, and they know exactly what they need to provide and when.
  • Ensure payments to suppliers have been made or, if they need to be paid on the day, a process is in place to do so.
  • Ensure the wedding party is aware of the itinerary and everyone knows their responsibilities on the day.
  • Finalise the table plan. Confirm any non-RSVPs to make sure everyone is accounted for and preventing anyone turning up on the day without a place.

The day before

Hopefully by now everything should be confirmed and ready for action, allowing you to relax and prepare for the big day. However there will still be some last minute preparation necessary.

  • If possible, check the venue and bring decorations to make sure it looks perfect for the big day.
  • If having beauty or hair treatments, try not to undergo any that you have not had done before, in case of adverse reactions, or have anything that has the potential to go wrong, e.g. a dramatic haircut.
  • Check vows and wedding speeches are prepared.
  • Finally – relax and get a good night’s sleep!

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