Wedding Planning: Organising the Honeymoon

26th August 2013

The decision to take your honeymoon straight after your wedding or later on depends on a number of factors:

  • The location – there will likely be certain types of the year when the location of your choice is better suited to a holiday. If this is the case it may be necessary to delay the honeymoon until later in the year.
  • Budget – some couples may find it easier to concentrate on funding the wedding before planning a honeymoon. Consecutively managing both can be stressful and time consuming.
  • Work schedules – bride or groom may unfortunately have other commitment that can’t be changed. Conversely it could be easier to take time off work at this time as it can be an extension of the time taken off before the wedding, and people may be more understanding.

Flights can usually be booked 11 months in advance and it is important to book early as you will often get a better price. On the other hand you shouldn’t book too early just in case any circumstances change, e.g. one of you can no longer take a holiday at that time. In general, though, the earlier the better as this avoids any last minute hassle nearer the wedding.

Although booking holidays online is becoming more popular, it can be helpful to discuss your holiday plans with a travel agency, who can offer advice and help you find the best deals. They will likely be able to advise you on the best times to book.

It is important to distinguish the trade-off between budget for the wedding itself and budget for the honeymoon. Are you willing to have a shorter or less extravagant honeymoon in order to spend more money on the wedding? Or would you rather be able to invest more in the honeymoon? ‘Minimoons’ are becoming more and more popular – booking a short break to relax after the honeymoon, allowing the couple to save for something more indulgent later on.

Choosing the location

The destination may be an easy choice – there may be a place that has special meaning for your relationship, or it may be somewhere you have both always wanted to go together.

If there is no clear choice you should both write a list and prioritise the places you want to go. If you still can’t decide you could consider splitting the honeymoon into two – spending a week in one places and the next week somewhere else. This will add adventure and variety to your break.

The honeymoon is a great time for you to relax and spend time together as a married couple. You can finally forget about the stress of planning the wedding and start planning your future.

Don’t forget:

  • When booking the holiday remember to consider what name will be on your passport when you travel to avoid any last minute issues or expense.
  • If your honeymoon is straight after the wedding, remember to fit in packing and consider the timing and logistics of getting to the airport.
  • Extra hint: make sure to tell all travel-related suppliers that you are planning your honeymoon – it might get you some free upgrades!
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