Wedding Planning: Stationery and Favours

2nd September 2013

Wedding stationery is a way of adding another element of personality to your wedding, as well as being a way of keeping guests and the day organised.

The main types of wedding stationery are:

Save the date – Sending out ‘save the date’ cards shows consideration for guests as it allows them to prepare well in advance their attendance at your wedding. These are especially helpful if the wedding is in a popular time of year, such as summer when many people will be going travelling or on a bank holiday.

It’s a good idea to make clear on here who is invited to the wedding. This will provide enough notice for parents to find childcare if children aren’t invited, or clarify early on whether those invited can bring a guest – avoiding any awkward conversations later on.

Invitation – It used to be fairly common to have two sets of invitations – one for the wedding and one for the reception. It is, however, seen as poor etiquette to invite people to the reception only as the reception is to thank people for attending the wedding.

The ‘save the date’ and invitation will usually have a similar style, giving guests an early glimpse into the wedding theme.

Order of Service – This can be a nice keepsake to give to guests, detailing the day and allowing guests to better understand what to expect throughout the day. However this is not a necessity and there can simply be one or two larger copies placed in the wedding and/or reception venue.

Table plan – People prefer to be given assigned seats and this will help to speed up the time it takes for guests to be seated. It will involve more planning beforehand but will reduce hassle on the big day. To add a unique touch, instead of listing tables by number or letter you could list them by your favourite colours, musicians or flowers – anything that is meaningful to you and adds a personal touch.

Place cards – This signifies to people which specific seat they have been placed in. The theme can continue through the place cards and, again, a touch of quirkiness can be added. The place cards could even be replaced by favours, personalised with guests’ names.

Wedding favours – Favours are a gift to each guest, thanking them for attending the wedding and giving them a keepsake to remind them of the day. Traditionally this would be sugared almonds however couples often come up with unique and creative ideas to put a modern twist on it. Some ideas include small toiletries, miniature bottles of alcohol, candles or even lottery tickets. The type of favour depends on the type of reception and the budget available. If the budget allows you could even choose to have different gifts for men, women and children but this is not expected.

These can be used as place cards, placed in the centre of the table for guests to take or given out by the bridesmaids during the reception.

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